About Us

Brown and Hurley is a wholly family owned Australian company employing over 400 people, a large percentage of whom have been in the business for 10 years or more. We only sell trucks and trailers when the supplier has made a major financial commitment to reinvest in the Australian market. We are committed to road transport organisations with senior staff encouraged to play an active role.

Being a family company Brown and Hurley gives you the advantage of dealing directly with the owners. Problems are more readily resolved at branch level without relying on head office to make decisions. We endeavour to form a strong relationship with our customers that extends to beyond the point of purchase by offering an unparalled level of after sales service that is fully backed by the manufacturers, suppliers and our own parts and service

At Brown and Hurley we understand that you need to keep your valuable asset on the road earning money.

The integrated service network gives you the competitive edge by:

Providing strategically placed branches to service your requirements
Access to $15 million worth of parts
Equipping workshops with state of the art diagnostic and repair equipment operated by highly trained staff
Providing our customers a 24 hour, 7 day a week breakdown service

Brown & Hurley

Level 1, 26 Burneside Road Yatala, Australia